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Jun 09, 2015

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Headcount Engineering's BIM Development Director, Dr Shawn O'Keeffe, will be a key speaker at this one day conference.

Dr O'Keeffe will highlight the need for BIM today and will showcase how Headcount Engineering and MMAE clients and stakeholders can utilise  our pioneering concepts across the industries.

Topics he will cover include,

  • Does BIM really add value?
  • What is Open BIM and why use it?
  • Quality control of a 3D model - How are key checks and consistency maintained
  • The need for clients and all stakeholders to be involved from design through occupancy.
  • Utilisation of open standards for Intergrated Life Cycle Management Stakeholder best practices for multidisciplinary collaboration via common data environments.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us on 01 690 5040 or

http://www.cmgevents.ie/events/the-building-information-modelling-bim-conference# and download PDF for further information.



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