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SPX – New Product Rollout

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When SPX sought to roll out the detailed design of a new range of products for the food and beverage manufacturing industries, they turned to Headcount Engineering Services for more than personnel. The nature of the products and their state of market development did not allow for fixed price scoping with the number of permutations to be designed growing exponentially as the project progressed. The 6 complex “piped systems” products with 22 different model and size options had over 100,000 permutations by the time the technical design and market trials were finished. Headcount was able to provide;

1. At its peak, 26 personnel were assigned, working on 3 different sites in Denmark, UK and Ireland
2. 6 X 3D CAD workstations and licenses were assigned.
3. A design mastering system and component vault was set up
4. Siemens and Allen Bradley control system test rigs
5. Full time seconded Project Manager

Because of Headcount’s involvement in the technical design and the extent of our product knowledge, we were uniquely placed to design and implement the sales tool “Sales Configurator” for the SPX marketing department. The Configurator is currently in worldwide use by the SPX sales team and is capable of generating firm price quotations for the 100,000+ permutations of the equipment at 3 different manufacturing centres in 3 currencies and 7 different languages.

Process Engineers

Software designers

Automation Engineers

Piping designers

Allen Bradley & Siemens

Instrumentation Engineers

CE Certification

Planning & Scheduling

Project Manager

Technical Writers

Plant Designers

Database Specialist

Document Controllers