Our Story

Our Story

Headcount was founded by engineering professionals in 2005 and focused initially on outsourced engineering managed services and talent solutions for the multinational sector in Ireland. As our reputation and relationships with clients developed, our scope of services has grown. Headcount now provides a full suite of talent solutions to meet all the needs of our clients’ activities.

Headcount’s Managed Service department provides on-site managed service flexible solutions to the multinational sector in Ireland. Headcount’s 6 divisions of Engineering, Life Science, Energy & Utilities, Design & Construction, Support Services and Remote Services are each led by an Associate Director in Headcount.

Headcount has been proactive in developing solutions for our clients to the challenges of a changing marketplace. Multinationals in certain sectors and/or locations are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit for specific roles on an on-site basis. Other multinational clients are encountering space constraints. More recently COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how many companies work with on-site solutions no longer possible. The market demands an offsite solution. Headcount established our Off-site Managed Service Department in 2017 providing off-site solutions in Engineering, Quality & Validation, BIM and Construction Management.

Headcount is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and has a support office in Warsaw, Poland. Headcount will soon be opening a divisional branch.

Why Headcount?

Headcount is in a relationship focused business. It takes time and effort to build relationships, to understand a multinational’s business model and its culture and to develop the best talent solution to meet its requirements over the long term. Over 70% of our current team has been with Headcount for more than 10 years. Headcount has been providing services to 20 multinational clients in Ireland for over a decade now. In what is often a transient marketplace Headcount is a bedrock of stability. We ensure our candidates have the required competency and capability to succeed and, very importantly, they are the right cultural fit for your organisation.

Headcount Engineering Division
Automation | Building Services/Facilities | Chemical | Commissioning | Electrical | Instrumentation | Mechanical | Validation | Manufacturing | Process | Project Management |
Headcount Power, Energy & Utilities Division
Project Managers | Design Engineers | Electrical Engineering | Network Planners | Energy Auditors | HV Engineers | Renewable Energy | Maintenance
Headcount Support Services Division
Finance | HR | IT | Facility Management | Sports & Leisure | Administration | Insurance | Sales & Marketing
Headcount Life Science Division
Quality Assurance | Regulatory Affairs | Validation | Pharmocovigilance | Bio Chemsitry | Clinical Research
Headcount Design & Construction Management Division
Construction Managers | Project Mgrs/Project Engineers | Contract Managers | Architectural Technician | DOC Controllers | CAD Design | Planners /Schedulers | Environmental H&S
Headcount Offsite Managed Services Division
BIM | CAD | Construction Management | Validation | Regulatory Affairs